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  • Who Can Apply To The Affiliate Program?
    If you have a web site, you can be an affiliate. Sites that contain or link to pornographer content will be automatically switched off the Affiliate Program.

  • How to become an affiliate?
    What you have to do is to make a registration and to make one or more links to Music-Bulgaria.com.

  • How Much Does The Affiliate Program Cost?
    It's absolutely FREE! There is no minimum sales requirement or application fee.

  • How Much Do I Get Paid?
    Every customer who has accomplished a real purchase of CD, MC, Video tape or DVD and has entered through the link or banner in your page will bring you the following commissions:

    MC - $0.20
    CD - $0.25
    Video tape - $0.30
    DVD - $0.30.

  • When Do I Get Paid?
    The payments are processed once a month not later than 20 days after the end of the month in which the minimum amount of $50 has been reached.

  • What is minimum payout?
    The minimum payout when paid by cheque or Bulgarian Posts is 50 USD, and when paid by bank transfer is 100 USD

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